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Coping Skills

Coping skills help you to adapt, minimize an deal with stress. Coping occurs in response to psychological stress that is usually triggered by changes. Managing your stress will help you feel better physically and psychologically.

Don't know to start? Here is a list of examples that you can try. Remember it is not one size fits all so find the ones that work for you.

  1. Exercise

  2. Write in a journal

  3. Draw

  4. Listen to music

  5. Take a bath

  6. Play with a pet

  7. Spend time in nature

  8. Clean the house (or a closet, drawer, or area)

  9. Read a book

  10. Meditate

  11. Use aromatherapy

  12. Play a game with your kids

  13.  Cook a meal

  14.  Engage in a hobby

  15. Pray

  16. Practice breathing exercises

  17. List the things you feel grateful for

  18. Color

  19. Garden

  20. Do yoga

  21. Reframe the way you are thinking about the problem

  22. Use progressive muscle relaxation

  23. Picture your “happy place”

  24. Give yourself a pep talk

  25. Drink tea

  26. Squeeze a stress ball

  27. Put on lotion that smells good

  28. Look at landscape photos that help you feel relaxed

  29. Think of something funny

  30. Look at pictures that remind you of the people, places, and things that bring you joy

  31. Take care of your body in a way that makes you feel good (paint your nails, do your hair, put on a face mask)

  32. Smile

  33. Use a relaxation app

  34. Go for a walk

  35. Work on managing your time better (for example, turn off the alerts on your phone)

  36. Establish healthy boundaries (tell your friend you aren’t going to spend time with her if she makes fun of you)

  37. Ask for support from a friend or a professional. Possibly venting to them and expressing what is bothering you.

  38. Engage in problem-solving

  39. Walk away (leave a situation that is causing you stress)

  40. Create a to-do list

These are just a few and there countless others out there that you can try. We can't control what happens but can we control how we deal with it.

With every breath I hope you find love, peace and joy! Keep finding ease in all that you do.


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